Beautiful Lies (PRE-SALE)

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Till death do us part…
After a long winter of waiting for the ice the thaw on Silver Creek Lake, the body of Tyger Benedict’s husband, District Attorney Spencer Benedict II finally surfaces. Six months prior, a pregnant Tyger dragged her husband’s body across the back yard and rolled him into his grave. As his body surfaces, the question on everyone mind is, who killed Spencer Benedict. At the top of the suspect list is Tyger’s lover, Ace Del’ Toro. Faced with losing her freedom and her eight-year old daughter, Tyger will let nothing stop her from protecting the person that killed Spencer, including committing murder.

Revenge by any means necessary…
In love since they were fourteen, with Spencer out of the way, it looks like Tyger and Ace will finally be together, but is love enough to keep the high school sweethearts together? Hell bent on pinning Spencer’s murder on Ace, Aiden Arias an overzealous detective from Ace’s past will stop at nothing to destroy him including seducing Tyger. While risking her own life to protect her husband’s killer and cover tracks that lead to her, Tyger uncovers the deadly secret that tore a rift between her sister’s Piper and Bella. In the midst of trying to protect her family and hold on to Ace, will Tyger escape the aftermath of revenge or will she become the next unfortunate victim?